Doug Fouché is the founder of PEAK Senior Services LLC

Doug Fouché is the founder of PEAK Senior Services LLC located in Cornwall Pennsylvania. Doug’s passion is providing cutting edge, research based, care services to the seniors of the middle state’s region. To that end he is the Managing Partner of PEAK Management Partnership LLP which is focused on developing the region’s most innovative assisted living community with a primary focus on assisting those with cognitive deficits.

Doug’s consulting work through PEAK Senior Services LLC focuses on personal care home and assisting living providers with a wide range of support and resources. Doug’s career caring for seniors began in 2005 and since that time he has achieved 6 deficiency free, Pennsylvania Department of Human Services inspections, and nearly a year with a 100% resident census. He is also a teacher and sought after speaker.
Doug lives in the quaint resort village of Mount Gretna, PA with his wife Jaunine, their 6 cats, and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Remi. When he is not traveling to see potential sites for his assisted living community or supporting clients, he can be often be found at the Mount Gretna Lake where he enjoys open water swimming.

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Why Choose Peak Senior Services?

Consulting/PEAK Senior Services LLC

Doug has worked with a variety of senior living providers throughout Pennsylvania as well as Virginia, South Carolina and more recently Massachusetts. This work includes a range of services from market analysis, sales and marketing, budgeting to compliance including intensive mock surveys. Examples of his work include the following:

  • Business plan development…from the first page to putting the key in the door
  • Budget analysis and development…creation and analysis of budgets with a close eye on the bottom line
  • Mock Surveys…identifying problem areas/opportunities before state regulators do
  • Regulatory compliance…including a 100% outcome with assisting troubled communities working through Provisional Licenses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • Market Analysis…applying proven market analysis methodologies to evaluate potential new senior living community locations. This also includes developing marketing plans and sales strategies to maximize census and over all community viability.
  • Licensing application support…from review to full completion to obtain the licensing necessary to operate in Pennsylvania and other states.
  • State by State Licensing Analysis…complete review of each state’s licensing requirements/posture to allow developers and other investors better resources to help evaluate a potential new state prior to considering/committing to operation.
  • Other consulting…many of the strategies applied to senior living overlay effectively with other business types. Hotels, restaurants and many more that have a strong customer service component can benefit from Doug’s unique and positive perspective.

In 2018 Doug left the senior living corporate world to expand on the work he had been doing in the development to build his own Assisted Living community here in South Central Pennsylvania.  Initial designs show the community with a total of 72 apartments, 40 of which will be dedicated to secure, memory care; the balance of 32 apartments will be focused on assisted living. This will allow a wide range of care levels while allowing the community’s residents to age in place.  Anticipated licensed capacity will be 90 residents and licensed as an Assisted Living Residence in keeping with the previously stated goal of true aging in place for the community’s residents.

The vision he has for this unique model of care is to bring significant change to the posture the senior living industry has taken regarding memory care.  Not only will there be a strong use of Validation by all staff, other critical changes including cutting edge, research based proprietary methodologies running the spectrum from design to staffing, including the support the staff receive, are all intended to help provide for the care for the most vulnerable among us that is not available in the region at this time.

This ongoing development experience has enabled Doug to assist others who have the vision to open their own senior living community.

Doug is an Adjunct Instructor with the Pennsylvania State University, York PA campus. In that role he available to teach many sections of the PSU/Department of Human Services Personal Care Home Administrator certification course. Doug’s speaking is passionate, interactive and hands on. Whether it is sales training, Validation or a myriad of other senior focused teaching he brings humor and high energy to each session. Some of his speaking engagements have included the Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association where Doug has spoken on numerous topics including his upcoming engagement on October 24th during the organization’s Fall Conference. Other examples have included presentations to the Department of Human Services focused on his experience in caring for people living with dementia. Doug has provided pro bono speaking for many groups.

Doug is available to speak throughout the world on supporting people living with dementia.

Following are just a few examples of the training/teaching/speaking Doug can provide:

  • Validation…hands on training from two hours to five months.  Bringing the proven tools of validation to senior living.
  • Positive Approach to Care…Doug’s Positive Approach to Care Consultant certification allows for an in-depth review of common Positive Approach to Care techniques such as Hand under Hand, Positive Physical Approach and others.  This includes a healthy dose of interaction methods for families, sales and administrative staff and, of course, the person living with dementia.
  • Sales Training…the saying “No Money, No Mission” has become nearly universal in today’s senior living space.  Regardless, the key is bringing proven tools to the senior living sales process. Doug brings over 36 years of sales and sales management experience to any business looking to grow.  While his experience in senior living makes this a natural focus, his training methods apply across a wide range of business models, especially those involving a strong customer service posture.
  • Administrator Training…Doug is uniquely qualified to teach new, and not so new, administrators/owners/developers the ins and outs of successful leadership in senior living.  Much of these training sessions for administrators/owners/developers are customized to meet the individual and specific needs of his students.

Professional Credentials

Certified Director Assisted Living

 October 2016 

Certified Validation Teacher

January 2017 

Commonwealth of PA DPW/DHS

Personal Care Home Administrator (PCHA) April 2005 to Present

CPR/First Aid Certified

April 2005 to Present

Medication Technician Certified

(Includes Annual Diabetic Certification) June 2005 to Present 

Certified Validation Worker

August 2006 

American National Standards Institute ServSafe Certification

December 2006 to Present 

Certified Validation Group Practitioner

August 2007

Trainer Certification DPW/DHS Medication Administration

May 2012 to Present

Trainer Certification

DHS; August 2016

Diabetic Certified

June 2005 to Present

Trainer Certification, DHS

 August 2016

Commonwealth of PA Department of Human Services

Assisted Living Administrator (ALA) March 2017 to Present

Positive Approach to Care Certified Independent Consultant

2018 to Present

Professional Affiliations

  • Secretary ; Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association ; 2016 to Present
  • Chair ; Marketing Committee Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association ; 2015 to Present
  • Board Member ; Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association ; 2014 to Present
  • Board of Directors ; Lebanon Valley Chamber of Commerce ; January 2017 to Present
  • Coordinator ; Lebanon County Administrators Organization ; 2012 to Present
  • Member ; PHCA-CALM ; 2005 to 2008
  • Member ; Pennsylvania Assisted Living Association ; 2005 to Present


Lebanon Rotary Club

Member ; 2008 to 2018 (currently inactive)

Mount Gretna Arts Council

Member ; 2018 to Present

Community Health Council of Lebanon County

50+ Council Co-Chair ; 2019 to Present

Community Health Council of Lebanon County

50+ Council Member ; 2016 to Present

ALPHA – Advocacy Committee

Member ; 2015 to Present

Alliance for Low-Income Personal Care Home Advancement (ALPHA)

Member ; 2015 to Present

ALPHA – Quality Assurance Committee

Member ; 2015 to Present

Our Client Testimonials

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Doug has been a valued member of our personal care home administrator instructor team. His experience and insight has proven to be a significant asset to aid our students in their quest to become credentialed as Personal Care Home administrators.

Patty Bowen, M.Ed. – Director of Continuing Education, Penn State York

Doug’s passion for excellence in senior living shines through as he works with the team to develop plans to improve overall operations to create a great resident experience.

Justin Lee, Executive Director – Cross Keys Village

Doug has been able to navigate many aspects of senior living options. His advice has been invaluable to us. He’s professional and accessible.

Mordy Goode, Managing Partner – Upwardcare

Doug has devoted considerable time to building and moving the efforts of ALPHA (Alliance for Low Income Personal Care Advancement) forward. His insight and expertise related to the care of seniors has been invaluable, and makes him a tremendous resource as ALPHA advocates for enhanced state compensation. This is especially admirable as all of his time has been as a volunteer providing pro bono services focused on developing better care options for seniors in Pennsylvania.

Dianna Benaknin, MSW – WellSpan Health Consultant

I have had the pleasure of working with Doug Fouche on numerous projects.  His competency on Senior Living issues is second to none.  Doug’s quick and insightful assistance saved us time and money on many occasions.  One particular issue regarding a DHS regulation had many interpretations to many people in the Commonwealth.  Doug’s relationships with DHS was invaluable.  His escalation of the issue helped our community gain clarity and favorability resulting in a positive solution for our community. “Doug is like a compliance expert on speed dial”

Steve Possino – Grace Manor at North Park

Doug in many ways has changed my life and career choices.  At our very first meeting, while quite short, I was shoveling snow at Elmcroft as Maintenance Director, and Doug was visiting to Interview for the Executive Director position (which at that time I had no clue who he was or why he was there).  Shortly thereafter he was hired to fill the vacancy.

We developed a good working relationship and I can honestly say Doug was probably the most caring, resident-focused director that I have ever worked for.  He truly cares for his residents and staff.  Quite honestly, I was on the verge of searching out a new career or a new facility.  Over our 10 years together he has taught me many things, validation being on the top of my list.  If it were not for our meeting and being colleagues for 10 years, I’m not sure I would still be in the Senior Living World. I can honestly say It is now and has been my passion for many years.

Greg Kercher – Cedar Haven Nursing Center

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